Potential Development Projects - Open Evenings

As mentioned in the recent Members Email, we have made available the materials we used at the two recent 'Open Evenings'. Whilst these were well attended, we recognise that some Members would have been unable to come along. We have therefore added below, the visual boards that were on display. 
They cover four topic areas:

  • Overview and next steps
  • New practice area
  • Course development
  • Clubhouse & car park
On the evening the attendees were able to leave Post-It Notes with their comments and questions. If upon looking at the links below, you too have comments or questions, please forward them to the email address below.


This board provides a rationale for the projects suggested, how the Soil Importation windfall would be split if projects proceed, other 'business as usual' activity, and the planned next steps.

Click here for Overview

Practice facility options

The links below show firstly, what we get as part of the original contract, and then secondly, the options that we could add in addition, plus current estimates of the cost of the 'optional extras'.

Click here for illustration of original contract delivery.

Click here for 'optional extras' and costs

Click here for examples of covered bays

Accelerated course development

Now we are at full membership levels, we have a healthy 'business as usual' budget for investment in the development of the course. However, the windfall from the Soil Importation project gives us an opportunity to  significantly accelerate course improvements.

The main example would be accelerating the bunker refurbishment programme that is already under way. The link below explains the key benefits of the programme.

Click here for bunker refurb benefits

Clubhouse and car park

We believe that the majority of the windfall, should be spent on the practice area and the golf course, and as you may have seen in the overview, over 60% of the Soil Imp revenue would go into those areas. However, we also believe that the Club would benefit significantly from the following three developments:

  • Extending the car park
  • Adding a fixed awning
  • Extending the dining room
The suggested plans for these can be seen in the links below:

Course Status
Currently open
04.08.2022 12:24
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UPDATE - course is fully open. Greens will not be cut until next week to allow the sand and seed to settle, reduce the stress and save any damage to the mowers. Once again thank you for your patience. Greens Team NO SMOKING POLICY IN OPERATION ON THE COURSE Due to the very dry course conditions over the past week and high temperatures forecast for the rest of this week, it has been decided to impose a NO SMOKING policy until further notice. The allowable Smoking areas will be the car park, the patio (not under the awning) and behind the first tee plus, the hard standing area near the halfway house. In all these areas please dispose of cigarettes carefully.
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  • 2022-08-09
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