A regular Wednesday am roll-up with a casual competition on the day, but also competitions that run through the year. The group also has an offline handicapping system that is aimed at trying to share around the winnings.  (The first group typically tees off from 8.15am, so could anyone looking to play, please be there in plenty of time to allow the draw for the day to be effective - thank you.)

Results - 24th November 2021

This weeks winner was IVAN STEPHENSON with a magnificent 44 points! Clearly the shortened 2nd and 5th played to his strengths!

Second was ALAN SNELLING with a really poor 40 points. 

Third was JOHN GRIZZLEY  who only managed 38 points.

Hopefully David Merrygold's score was a Roy typo!!

Best 6 Scores up to 24th November

For WAMS Best Six Standings - Click Here

2021 Handicaps

To simplify WAMS handicaps short term, it was agreed that players should normally play off their playing handicap for Stableford off the White Tees (i.e. 95% of their Course Handicap off the White Tees.)

Winners (and runners-up) will then be adjusted for their next 4 rounds. (See table below for guide)

After 2 less good rounds players will gain shots verses their stableford handicap, subject to certain maxima and for a limited period (for details see Handicap Rules below)

Matches within groups should agree the format between them on the day.

(For detailed Rules - please see link below.)

Handicap Adjustment Table

WAMS Trophy Boards

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Best Six Competition

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