Current Membership Rates

Burnham Beeches has a range of membership categories and the latest rates for these are shown below.
There are several easy payment options available, some of which are listed in the notes below.
Please contact Clive, the General Manager on 01628 661448 for more information.

NEW - We have just introduced a new 'Family Membership' where partners or immediate family of existing or new joining members pay a reduced Joining Fee. (Please see table below - or call our office for more details.)

2020/21 Subscription Rates

Membership categoryAnnual subscriptionFreehold LevyJoining Fee
Full members£1,688£84£1,750
Full members - Vets (over 80 plus fee reduces every 2 years)£1,415£71£1,750
Full members (29 yrs)£1,346£64£1,200
Full Members (27-28)£1,186£62£1,000
Full Members (25-26)£1,010£49£750
Full Members (23-24)£847£41None
Full Members (21-22)£669£34None
Full Members (18-20)£505£28None
Junior Members (16-18)£277£15None
Junior Members (15-16)£194£11None
Junior Members (13- 14)£112£6None
Weekday Members £1,410£67£1,750
Weekday - Vets (over 80)£1,123£52£1,750
Family MemberAs per above categoriesAs per above categories£750 (or zero if lower age rate applies)


  1. Please note that the joining fee can spread over up to 4 years (£437.50 for Full Membership).
  2. The Freehold Levy is for a limited period and is to specifically support our recent purchase of the freehold to the course.
  3. The annual subscription can be paid on a monthly direct debit for Full or Weekday memberships.

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Golf Course open with no restrictions. In view of the wet conditions please not that PREFERRED LIES are now in place on the fairways as well as the bunkers. Many thanks Greens Team
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